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Sicor S.p.A. – Sicurezza Compagnie Riunite – was founded in the 80s thanks to the merger between two Italian companies La Lombarda Antinfortunistica S.p.A. and Sureco S.p.A.

The first one, founded in the 60s, was one of the most important manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment in Italy. The main product lines included flame-retardant clothing, safety shoes, anti-cut and heat-resistant gloves, safety visors, helmets for firefighting and industrial safety. The second one, part of the Fiat group, acquired in the 80s, operated in the market of individual protection and gas analysis instrumentation.

With the evolution of an increasingly specific and complex legislation, Sicor focuses and specializes in design and production of helmets, safety visors and gas analysis instrumentation, becoming the leading company in the national market and one of the most successful companies abroad.

Following the current product lines:

  • Dielectric helmets

  • Helmets for wildland firefighting and technical rescue

  • Helmets for firefighting in buildings and other structures

  • Anti-riot helmets

  • Dielectric, anti-riot and fire-brigade visors

  • Safety goggles

  • Toxic gas analysis instrumentation

  • Explosive gas analysis instrumentation (ATEX)

  • Oxygen analysis instrumentation