The regulations of the mineral sector are different from those that traditionally regulate the safety of the other productive sectors, because of the characteristics of the workplace and the nature of the risks to which workers involved in the search for mineral substances are exposed.

Among these risks you may include risks due to infrastructure, such as the possibility of collapse and subsidence; the risks due to the development of natural phenomena, such as exhalations of gas from the subsoil; and the risks deriving from the activities themselves introduced by operators such as explosions and equipment.

The mining sector, therefore, is one of the most challenging about safety. Whether the activities are carried out in underground environments (mines and wells) or on the surface (quarries and marine platforms), Sicor aims to make the working conditions less dangerous for insiders, putting at their disposal a product designed specifically to meet the needs of a high risk classified activity.

Main applications

Available colors

One size adjustable from size 52 to size 64

Helmet: 578 gr ± 10 gr
Helmet with face shield: 710 gr ± 10 gr

The helmet is certified EC in category III, according to the following Standards:

  • EN 397
  • CEI EN 50365

Shell made of dielectric plastic material

Chinstrap with Velcro adjustment system

Prismatic reflecting bands

Stamped front logo

EDL Sketch
Sicor formula

The right balance of protection



Resistance to flame


Lightness and comfort


Resistance to mechanical stress*


Resistance to electricity
* Shocks - perforations - crushing

The best personal protective equipment

  • EDL-01


    The perfect individual protection device for those operating in electrical, mining or industrial sectors