Fixed and portable gas detectors


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    Sicor manufactures and sells fixed and portable systems for the detection and analysis of toxic, explosive and asphyxiating gases.

    Depending on the gas to be detected and analyzed, it is necessary to select four modular components: a sensor, a transmitter, a control unit and a cabinet CP1, CP4, CP12 or CP24, based on the number of detection points to be installed . A wide range of accessories and valves can complete the detection and analysis system, to meet the specific needs of the customer.

    In order to maintain the efficiency of our systems, we offer a prompt start-up, calibration and repair service if necessary. At the end of each intervention, our technician issues a detailed report including the calibration certificate made by exposing the sensors to appropriate certified toxic, explosive or asphyxiating gases, in compliance with current legislation.

    In addition to the components of our production, we distribute the articles of some of the most prestigious companies in the sector, of which we guarantee an accurate technical assistance service and after-sales maintenance.


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